The Mid-Atlantic Alliance is a real estate development company based in Northern New Jersey.  Our development team has experience specializing in new development, project financing, and residential/commercial construction.

The company’s vision is to build upon its core competency by undertaking residential and commercial real estate development projects that have been designated as areas in need of redevelopment. One of the key goals is to partner with local municipalities in carrying out comprehensive community redevelopment plans that target inner city neighborhoods.

Our developments seek the highest possible level of energy efficiency and include Green Technologies and environmentally safe products. Our projects preserve and restore living environments while simultaneously creating opportunities for both investors and potential homeowners, helping to create wealth in underserved communities.

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More than just brick and mortar.


Our current Lofts @ Lincoln Park project will not only provide affordable homeownership opportunities, but will also have a positive economic impact on New Jersey's greater Essex County Community.

Estimates indicate the project will generate approximately $8.2M in one-time economic output, approximately 49 direct and indirect/induced full-time jobs, and $301,000 in state and local taxes during construction.

Upon completion, the project will continue to add value to the community by providing approximately $919,000 in ongoing output, 5 direct and indirect/induced full-time jobs annually, and approximately $52,000 in state and local taxes. 


To inquire about investment opportunities in upcoming redevelopment projects, go to the contact page for details.