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Black Wall St

15,000 Square Ft ground up new construction and sale of (5) Multi Family Infill Units.


Project was a Public/Private partnership redevelopment pioneering investment into a critically under served area and served as a catalyst for new home-ownership in the community. Project returned an equity multiple of 2x.

The homes consists of various green products such as wool carpeting, low VOC paints and finishes, energy efficient windows, doors and appliances, and other sustainable materials.

Project Metrics

  • Redevelopment of 5 infil City owned land parcels. New Multi Family Homes sold as workforce housing created home ownership and equity opportunities where blight and abandonment existed for years prior.

  • Successfully completed in partnership with the NJ-HMFA Choices in HomeOwnership Program and NSP Funding from the City of Newark. Highlighting the power of collaboration in creating inclusive and equitable outcomes in the construction and real estate industries.

  • Total Development Cost - $2M

  • 100% ROI

Black Wall St Construction:

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