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Who We Are

The Mid-Atlantic Alliance is a real estate development company based in Northern New Jersey.  Our development team has well over 30 years of collective experience specializing in new development, project financing, and residential/commercial construction.

More Than Just Brick and Mortar

Our Lofts at Lincoln Park project not only provided affordable home-ownership opportunities, but also delivered a positive economic impact on New Jersey's greater Essex County Community – generating approximately $8.2M in one-time economic output, approximately 49 full-time jobs, and $301,000 in state and local taxes during construction.

Current Projects

Check out Mid-Atlantic's recent & upcoming developments, and see how we're growing the communities we're involved in.

In The News

See Mid-Atlantic in the press, and learn about ways we've impacted the communities around us.

Invest With Us

Looking to invest with Mid-Atlantic? We're always looking for new collaborators to help bring our vision to life. Click below to learn more, and access the investor portal.

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