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About Us

Our mission is to continue to undertake Urban Redevelopment Projects in both established and reemerging locales, with a combination of completed and pending new development currently totaling over $65,000,000.00.  The company has successfully collaborated  on multiple transactions with both local and state government partnerships in New Jersey carrying out comprehensive community redevelopment plans that have targeted inner city neighborhoods. 


The Mid-Atlantic transaction history simultaneously boast investments in two of the region's highest end markets having completed deals valuing just under $15,000,000 in both Ft. Green, Brooklyn and Sag Harbor, New York. Projects always include the highest possible level of energy efficiency and green construction. Our projects preserve and restore living environments while simultaneously creating opportunities for both investors and end users.

Invest With Us

Looking to invest with Mid-Atlantic? We're always looking for new collaborators to help bring our vision to life. Click below to learn more and access the investor portal.

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